An Extract of Turmeric rich in Turmerones & Curcuminoids

CuroPower is a natural feed supplement derived from Turmeric. It is an ideal combination of Curcuminoids & turmerones that have a wide spectrum of biological properties. It is an ideal feed additives as it has the following effects:

Positive Immuno-modulatory effect

Anti-inflammatory & Anticoccidial effect

Improves stress tolerance

Promotes healthy metabolism & fat digestion


Significant increase in antioxidant enzyme levels like Superoxide dismutase.

Increase in Villi surface area for enhanced nutrient absorption.

Increase in heterophiles, basophils & lymphocytes.

Inhibitory action on biotransformation of Aflatoxins to their active derivatives

Stimulates the secretion of bile acids and digestive enzymes like lipase, amylase, proteases, trypsin etc.



Reliable source of Curcumin compared to turmeric powder

Helps maintain robust metabolism & health

Improves stress tolerance

100% Natural composition

Compatible with various other feed supplements



To promote growth & ensure healthy metabolism

To protect the animals against adverse effects of toxins

To improve the immune status of the animals

To manage stress in animals by acting as a powerful antioxidant

To increase the villi surface area for improved nutrient absorption

To manage inflammation & ensure gut integrity

Administration via Feed: 1 - 4 kgs per ton of feed

Store in a cool, dry place tightly sealed protected from light, moisture & heat

Keep Out of reach of Children

For veterinary use only

Do not use in undiluted form

Not for human use

Not for medicinal use

Close bag securely after use

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