Gut Genie

The Gut Health Optimizer

Gut Genie is a functional phytoactive herbal formulation
that has been designed to act as a natural antibiotic to
serve as a comprehensive gut health solution.


Anti inflammatory & Anti Oxidant

Immuno Stimulant

Digestive Stimulant


Broad spectrum action, Selective antimicrobial action

Anti inflammatory & Anti Oxidant

Immuno Stimulant
Improving cellular turnover, Balanced microflora

Digestive Stimulant
Secretion of digestive enzymes, Appetiser



100% Natural composition

Compatible with various other feed supplements

Maintains digestive health & optimum metabolism

Natural solution for antibiotic free farming

To manage gut health during antibiotic withdrawal period

Establish Balanced microflora





To Stimulate Feed and Water Intake during first week of life

To increase the rate of cellular turnover in the gut to prevent coccidiosis

Helps in maintaining feed consumption and water consumption during stress conditions like antibiotic treatment, Post vaccination, digestive disturbance etc.

Powerful antioxidant action helps to manage heat stress

To improve digestion ,FCR, growth

To prevent Footpad dermatitis by maintaining dry litter

Administration via drinking water:
Day 1 - Day 7 : 1ml in 2 litres of water
Day 7 - Day 21 : 1ml in 3 litres of water
Day 21 - Day 30 : 1 ml in 4 litres of water
Day 30 - Slaughter : 1ml in 5 litre of water
Administer medicated water for a minimum period of 10-12 hours a day

Administration via Feed:
200 grams per ton of feed for layers
250 grams per ton of feed for Broilers
300 grams per ton of feed for Breeders

Store in a cool, dry place tightly sealed protected from light, moisture & heat

Keep Out of reach of Children

For veterinary use only

Do not use in undiluted form

Not for human use

Not for medicinal use

Close container securely after use

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