Alleviates Respiratory Disorders in Poultry

Respomune-100 is a phytogenic remedy enriched with
phytochemical actives having broncodilator, expectorant
and mucolytic properties.

Relieves pulmonary congestion

Soothes the respiratory tract

Alleviates post-vaccination stress


Broncodilator, Expectorant & Mucolytic action: Improves respiration and air passage.

Anti-inflammatory & Demulcent action: Soothes the respiratory tract.



100% Natural Formulation

Compatible with other supplements

No withdrawal period

Easy to administer & Cost effective

Very successful as an adjuvant therapy during treatment with antibiotics





In cases with observation of sneezing, distress sounds in flock

To be used to alleviate post-vaccination stress (Eg. reactions post NDV / Raniketh vaccine)

Use Respomune-100 to manage respiratory distress caused by high ammonia level in shed, dusty environment etc.

In non-effective antibiotic therapy.

To be administered as an adjuvant therapy during infections caused by Avian influenza, Mycoplasma etc.

Use Respomune-100 during winters when incidences of respiratory disorders are high.

In case of severe heat stress in birds with respiratory disorders.

Prevention of respiratory diseases:
400-800 ml / 1000 ltrs of drinking water (twice a week)

24-48 hours after vaccination:
1 ml / 2 ltrs of drinking water for 3-5 days (twice a day)

As an adjuvant therapy during respiratory infections:
1 ml / 2 ltrs of drinking water for 3-5 days (twice a day)

Store in a cool, dry place tightly sealed protected from light, moisture & heat

Keep Out of reach of Children

For veterinary use only

Do not use in undiluted form

Not for human use

Not for medicinal use

Close container securely after use

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