A Natural Bioactive Metabolite of Vitamin D

NAT ACT D3 is a remarkable herbal product that naturally contains 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol or the biologically active form of Vitamin D.

Improves the uptake of Calcium & Phosphorus in the feed

Boosts the action of Cholecalciferol

Prevents Osteoporosis


NAT ACT D3 delivers the bioactive form of Vitamin D known as 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol in a controlled amount at the site of nutrient absorption in the intestinal tract.

Supplementation of NAT ACT D3 improves the uptake of Calcium & Phosphorus in the feed. This leads to improvement in bone mineralization & Egg Shell strength.

Young birds, stressed birds & diseased birds are not metabolically equipped to convert cholecalciferol present in the feed into 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol which requires hepatic & renal hydroxylation. Such birds are associated with disorders of Vitamin D metabolism like increased rate of cracked eggs, soft shell and thin shell eggs, locomotive problems, fatigue in caged layers etc.

Supplementing the birds with NAT ACT D3 boosts the action of Cholecalciferol and supports its function in maintaining bone health and egg shell quality, thus addressing the concerns associated with disorders of Vitamin D metabolism as highlighted above.



100% Natural

High processing & storage stability

Safe for environment


Reduces locomotive issues in young broilers

Ensures adequate reserve of calcium in bones at the beginning of production cycle in commercial layers

Ensures adequate bone mineralization in birds

Reduces the number of cracked eggs, soft shell eggs & thin shell eggs

Improves productive life of layers & breeders as it prevents osteoporosis

Breeders & Layers - 100-200 grams/ton of feed

Broilers in Prestarter - 100 grams/ton of feed

Broilers in Starter & Finisher - 50 grams/ton of feed

NAT ACT D3 should be used on top of recommended Vitamin D3 requirements

Store in a cool, dry place tightly sealed protected from light, moisture & heat

Keep Out of reach of Children

For veterinary use only

Do not use in undiluted form

Not for human use

Not for medicinal use

Close bag securely after use

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